International Awards and Recognition

PSJ won the 2010 Joint UNAIDS/UNDP Red Ribbon Award in Vienna, Austria. The award is in recognition of PSJ’s Outstanding Leadership and Community Action in HIV/AIDS programming.

PSJ’s nomination for the prestigious United Nations 2010 Red Ribbon Award provided a unique opportunity for us to share some of remarkable success stories and challenges with the world. Naturally, more than any other, activities implemented under the Community HIV and AIDS Project served as the major component and core of the application PSJ submitted to the Red Ribbon Award Secretariat in New York. In particular, we built our application around our community-based care and support services (Home based care and palliative services, Mobile AIDS clinic and building the capacity of communities to respond effectively and assume ownership of the response).

And so, from a pool of over 720 nominations received from all over the world, an Independent Technical Review Team assembled by the United Nations Development program (UNDP) and the Joint United Nations AIDS Program (UNAIDS) deemed PSJ’s action and leadership in HIV/AIDS programming exceptional in terms of sustainability and innovation, and selected PSJ as one of the 25 winners of 2010 Red Ribbon Award.

PSJ would not have achieved this award without the financial and technical support of all our partners especially CEDPA/USAID through the Positive Living Project. So we would be dedicating this award to our partners; CEDPA/USAID, AJWS, GFC, MIVA Netherlands and most importantly our team of Volunteers, staff and community stakeholders who made the Community HIV and AIDS Project a huge success.



As the only community-based organization on ground in rural Mashegu Niger State, PSJ through the Positive Living Project has within the short period of its implementation, made enormous impact towards significantly reducing the developmental and psychosocial burden of HIV/AIDS in rural Niger State through delivery of high quality prevention, care and support services including home-based care services. Currently, PSJ provides home-based care to thousands of people living with HIVAIDS (PLWHAs) and has trained over hundreds of their family members (PABAs) scattered across dozens of rural villages, as auxiliary caregivers.

With support from our partners, PSJ’s community-based Palliative Care volunteers regularly travel from one village to another to conduct home visits and supervise family caregivers. PSJ’s on-the ground work through the Positive Living Project which was supported by CEDPA, has changed the course of HIV/AIDS epidemic in rural Niger State, as community members no longer see diagnosis of AIDS as death sentence. This has not only been life-saving for PLWHAs, but has also had rejuvenating effect on whole communities. PSJ’s community-based care for PLWHAs in rural Mashegu has resulted in improved quality of life for them. Community members have also regained hope and now transmit positive messages of hope in regards to HIV/AIDS.