PSJ’s team of diverse committed workforce constantly seek ways to put their intellectual resources, expertise, humanitarian ideals, and the ethics of their profession into practice through service to underserved communities.

PSJ uses innovative, practical, cost-effective solutions to reduce the burden of diseases and health challenges, while strengthening the capacities of marginalized communities to keep their women, children and young people healthy. PSJ aims to do as much as possible, with limited resources; to improve the health outcomes of people living in the most underserved communities in rural Niger State as well as other vulnerable groups such as people living with HIV/AIDS and vulnerable children. PSJ currently implements numerous community health, HIV/AIDS and community development projects in Niger State.

We strive to create social change by promoting health-seeking behaviours, creating community awareness of health resources, educating local people about health issues such as HIV/AIDS, developing the capacity of local people through training, and mentoring, and initiating dialogues that encourage communities to be their own advocates for increased access to essential social services.