PSJ works with our network of community volunteers in the communities to provide healthcare, and comprehensive care and support to vulnerable families. We also work to improve access to good nutrition, sanitation, education and economic opportunities with the overall aim of improving the social determinants of health. So, we go further than providing health care, to also providing access to small agricultural and micro business grants to vulnerable families and households especially women headed households. For example, when our community volunteers brought to our notice, the dire living condition of a 78year old poverty-stricken grandmother in Kaboji village, who is also the sole caregiver of her two year old double orphaned grandchild, we responded forcefully. First, we immediately sent our program team to the village to seek her out, to listen to her, and to find out what problems she has, and how we could support her. Second, we immediately responded to her immediate needs by providing her and her grandchild with basic health and nutritional support, third, we put her back on the path of sustainable livelihood by providing her with a grant to start off into her dream enterprise of a small scale business in groundnut oil processing.